Scroll Invitations - A Stylish Affair!

One of the main reasons why scroll invitations have gained popularity in the modern era is due to its versatility. Scrolls wedding Invitations are easily customizable as they can be made with a variety of material including paper, silk or even velvet cloth for a varied look and feel. This also broadens the options to choose from across different price range.The flexibility of a scroll invite also makes it an ideal choice to create a unique invitation for other celebrations like a Sweet16 Birthday Party, Graduation Party, Engagement, Baby Shower and Baby Announcements.

The overall design of scroll wedding invitations can be either left simple or can be fashioned ornately with different details, as it offers a lot of scope for personalization. For example, a simple paper scroll with printed letters and simple thread or silk ribbon to tie the scroll can spell as much exclusiveness as a rich maroon velvet cloth scroll with printed gold letters tied with a beaded string accompanied in a fancy box and finally completed with a personal family seal.

Things to keep in mind while selecting a scroll invitation -

  1. Make sure the scroll is accompanied with a matching case packing. Some of the premium scroll invites also come with metallic case options. The casing ensures aesthetic look as well as avoids spoiling while handling them.
  2. Do browse through various material and design options and assess the positives and negatives. For example – The paper scrolls need to be handled carefully, whereas the printing on cloth can be slightly expensive.

We offer a wide range of creative and trendy options for scroll invites, including Scroll Invitations with Box, Royal Scroll Invitations, Velvet Scrolls and many more. Choose your personal scroll wedding invite today, from our huge range of selections available at our online portal